Jonas Birgersson (Labs2)

JonasIn 1995, Jonas Birgersson founded Framfab together with four friends. As CEO Birgersson lead the fantastic development, from a small “incubator company” in Lund with five employees to Europe’s largest Internet Services Company with at the most 2,850 employees in 13 countries with 60 offices, and a market cap of more than $3.6 billion. His visions to the world around him, together with the company’s innovative ability to deliver IT solutions, made Framfab a well-respected and prosperous global corporation. Among Framfab clients are: 3M, AstraZeneca, AXA, British Telecom, Commerzbank, Danske Bank, Electrolux, Ericsson, France Telecom, Ikea, JP Morgan, Kellog’s, Lego, Nike, Packard Bell, Orange, Saab, Volvo Car Corporation.

Birgersson began his mission at a grass roots level. In 1987 to 1991 he lead a local non-profit organization in Lund from 15 members to 1,556 and during the next 4 years he helped the volunteer membership in SVEROK (The Swedish Role-Playing & Conflict Resolution Association) to grow from 3,000 members to 25,000. The organization was partly funded by the Swedish government and this also lead to several assignments for the Swedish government and later for Sweden’s largest telecommunication operator Telia. Birgersson helped to lay the ground for Telias Internet portal strategy in 1994 and later continued to work with Telia Research to define Telias Voice over IP strategy in 1996 to 1997. Throughout this time Birgersson came to be known as the IP evangelist at Telia and other telcos in Europe.

In 1998, Birgersson founded “Bredbandsbolaget” known as “B2” or “The Broadband Company”, Scandinavia’s most aggressive and innovative Broadband company. Their business idea is to offer broadband network access that can manage both present and future media & communications at a fixed, low-cost rate for unlimited use. Their network that is based upon Ethernet to the home enables Internet access, television broadcasts, phone communication and video over a single IP network. In 1999 B2 was awarded the largest vendor financing deal in history by Cisco and the network has already been deployed in more than 350.000 homes throughout Scandinavia. Other investors in B2 include Intel, the Carlyle Group and Investor.

Jonas Birgersson is one of Europe’s most popular speakers on the IT business. His ability to communicate in a convincing and charismatic fashion is legendary. He is best known for his aggressive and visionary observations about the “Network Economy” where he boldly states: “All eyes are pointed at Scandinavia… we are a test market for the entire world. We could challange the U.S. on broadband, just like we did with the wireless technology.”

Thanks to his great insight in the network economy and technical trends Mr. Birgersson has been invited to hold speeches at more than 400 events since 1995. These include The World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland, Mexico City and Washington DC) in his role as “Global Leader of Tomorrow” and “Tech Pioneer”, numerous broadband conferences throughout the world, frequent visits to Universities in Sweden and abroad, Australian NetQuest 2001, Umeå Forum 2001 panel together with Emanuel Castel, TV meets the web 2001 in Amsterdam and meetings with foreign government agencies and departments. Birgersson is also an advisor to the Swedish Government on their broadband strategy. Thanks to Birgersson the office in Lund has been frequently visited by prominent people such as the Prime Minister, the Minister of Industry, the President of Berkeley University, the President of Finland and the Vice President of Mexico.

Other than being elected Global Leader of Tomorrow by World Economic Forum Mr. Birgersson has also been awarded Business entrepreneur of the year by Junior Chamber International 1998, Web guru of the year 1999, Swedish entrepreneur of they year 2000 and numerous other awards.

July 4th 2000 Christoffer Brown-Humes of the Financial Times wrote that “Mr. Birgersson is the best known of Sweden’s young IT entrepreneurs with a face that is better known to the average Sweden than the bosses of Volvo Ericsson.” His passion for the broadband business attracts attention as Doreen Carvajal of the International Hearald Tribune whrites on May 20, 2007,Mr Birgersson “has been a forceful proponent of a free and open Internet”. Mr. Birgersson has appeared on CNBC, CBS, CNN and various European television channels, most probably every business paper in Europe and most certainly every magazine in print in Scandinavia. He has also been a columnist for Sweden’s 3rd largest newspaper.

Birgersson has held various positions in the last 12 years including CEO of Framfab (founder) until November 2000, from Dec 2000 Deputy Chairman of Framfab, member of the board at B2 (Bredbandsbolaget, Founder) where he was Chairman until October 2000, and most recently CEO of Labs2 since November 2000.

During the last 12 years, Birgersson has also held the strategic lead of a group of people working on concept, software and hardware development that will help the IP convergence forward. With clients such as Ericsson, BT, Telenor, Orange, Blu and B2 (Bredbandsbolaget) and major partners Cisco, Microsoft, HP and Ericsson. Birgersson and the group have had great insight to the technical development. A few of the major milestones that the group has accomplished under the lead of Mr. Birgersson are:

·       Creating the world’s first product launch over the Internet, the Volvo C70 in September 1996.

·       Starting in 1997 the Content Management Tool (CMT) software and the concept developed by the group has transformed more than 50 large corporations such as Volvo, Ikea, Saab and AstraZeneca to the network economy.

·       In 1999 the group defined the standard for true broadband, i.e. 10/10 & 100/100 Mbit Ethernet to the home (Swedish Broadband Company / B2)

·       In the spring of 2000 the team launched a service infrastructure platform (BRIKKS) for mobile and broadband Internet services, a concept and software that has now been adopted by some of the leading Scandinavian Service Providers.

·       In 2004  (1 December) they set a new standard for broadband connections to the home, as a world first to launch 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) as a commercial service.

·       In 2005 a successful sale of B2 to the Norwegian Telcom Telenor with a great return on investment to all mayor shareholders (with a valuation of more than 1 800 € per broadband user).

·       Establishing a de facto standard for Video on Demand in Scandinavia with more than 90% market share (with the BRIKKS MEDIA SYSTEM / BMS).

·       In 2006 as Chairman of ViaEuropa (probably the worlds first and leading communication operator of true open networks) took the decision to build the worlds first citywide Gigabit to the Home + Wifi 540 Mbps network, in Lund Sweden.

·       In 2007 RELAKKS became the worlds premier supplier of anonymous broadband connections, giving a large group of customers unfiltered IP-access over encrypted connections worldwide. And through innovation frustrating the attempts from undemocratic forces to block communication.

Lead by Mr. Birgersson this group of people now makes up the core of Labs2, a company that aims to continue the last 10 years of successful business consulting, innovation and software development.

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