Menorca TechTalk 2010

At the Menorca TechTalk this year we had some remarkable guests such as Hiroshi Mikitani, from the remarkably successful Rakuten of Japan, who explained to us why he is on a shopping spree in USA and Europe (recently acquired and PriceMinister), and  Arthur Sulzberger CEO of the New York Times – my favorite newspaper and news source in the world – who was particularly fun and insightful to be with. As a music fan (I named one of the companies I started Jazztel), my favorite guest was Ulf Ekberg from Ace of Base. In this video, you get to hear some excerpts of Ace of Base’s new album. It is only a few seconds for obvious reasons (copyright). But you can get a sense of how great the new songs are. Very Ace of Base, and yet, very new.

Here’s a video in which the participants at the Menorca TechTalk debate how to name the new Ace of Base hit: