Menorca TechTalk 2009


The Menorca TechTalk 09 has just finished. This is the third time Nina and I have hosted the TechTalk, an event attended by about 80 entrepreneurs from all around the world to spend four days at our farm in Menorca. This year we had participants from every major world region: Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, the Far East and, if we include the sailboat crew, the South Pacific. The goal of the Menorca TechTalk is twofold. First, it aims to offer a relaxed atmosphere in which the entrepreneurs can get to know each other and establish business networks and friendships. Secondly, the event provides the people of Menorca with a technology forum since it is open to the public for one of the days. This post will grow as I continue to read articles and receive pictures about the event.

Here is one article from Barak Kassar to begin with.

The following two are in Spanish: One by Mariano Amartino and another one by Santiago Bilinkis, co-founder of Officenet in Argentina, a great e-tailer that was sold to Staples.

These are some great pictures from Rodrigo Sepulveda. And here are some others from Eduardo Arcos and Alec Oxenford.