Romero Rodrigues (Buscape)

Romero Rodrigues, 34, is a Brazilian businessman who studied Electrical Engineering at Universidade de São Paulo. He is Co-founder and CEO of  Buscapé Company, which also includes brands like Buscapé, Bondfaro, EBIT, QueBarato!, CortaContas, SaveMe, Lomadee, Digital Payment, Brandsclub Moda IT, FControl, eBehavior, Navegg, Winke, DinheiroMail, PagosOnLine, MeuCarrinho, FControl, Urbanizo, Confiômetro,  PéDireito and PistaCerta.

He entered at the Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo in 1995 when he was 18 years old. From 1996 to 2000, Romero worked as a researcher, as part of an internship program of the Laboratory of Architecture and Computer Networks (LARC) of Poli USP, taking part of projects such as the development of Internet 2 in Brazil (RMAV), Database, Security and Monitoring performance of links. In 1998, Romero and three friends, Ronaldo Takahashi, Rodrigo Borges and Mario Letelier, founded Buscapé, the second comparison shopping website to be launched worldwide and the largest comparison shopping website in Latin America. It was the first company to be launched from what would become the Buscapé Company.

The Buscapé Company has 910 employees, operates in 20 countries and provides comparison shopping services, collective buying club, payment platforms, intelligence market services, affiliate and advertising networks, free classifieds and tools of behavioral marketing. Buscapé Company did more than ten acquisitions and received four rounds of financing. The last one, a 91% acquisition of the company by Naspers, the South African media conglomerate, in an implied valuation of USD 374 million.