Lukasz Wejchert (Dirlango)

Lukasz_Wejchert_1851Lukasz, long time CEO of Onet, recently exited Poland’s largest online media group to develop his new venture Dirlango, which focuses on technology and mobile driven projects. Dirlango just launched, Poland’s first taxi ordering app and is currently involved in the rollout of social gifting service Wrapp in the Polish market. 

Over the past decade Lukasz Wejchert has developed Onet into an online media platform generating annual EBITDA of EUR 25 mill. Since 2006 he served as VP of publicly listed TVN (Onet’s parent company) – Poland’s leading broadcasting media group. He was also a shareholder and Member of the Executive Board of the ITI Group – the controlling shareholder of TVN. 

His first start-up was in 1999, which at that time was the pioneering and leading Polish web-based games site. In 2000 he co-founded (an Internet company incubator), which managed to launch MediaX, the first Polish online exchange for advertising inventory.

 Lukasz graduated from the Finance and Economy at Portobello College in Dublin.