Daniela Hinrichs (Yellowdine Ventures)

Daniela is an experienced and award-winning communication professional, company builder (XING, Yellowdine), digital native and business angel.

Daniela is the CEO of Hamburg-based Yellowdine Ventures, her own investment company. Ever since its founding, Daniela has been a tireless evangelist of modern communications. Her social media mindset and competence enabled her to help successfully build up and develop XING over many years. Daniela is engaged with XING, formerly known as openBC, since it was an idea of partner and founder Lars.

Being a natural-born yet also hard-trained troubleshooter, she’s always out to find solutions. Daniela’s experience as a communication specialist with more than 11 years in the field, her strategic and operational competence have led to award-winning and respected communications.

And although Daniela doesn’t have a ray of talent for painting or singing, she has a great passion for artists and art, especially photography.