Alejandro Estrada (DineroMail)

ale-estradaAle Estrada was born in Buenos Aires. He holds a degree in economics from Universidad Catolica Argentina and a Masters in Philosophy from the London School of Economics. He moved to Sao Paulo, Brasil in 1996 to open and run the subsidiary of the largest shoe retailer in Argentina. After he moved to NYC to work for proprietary distress business at ING. In 2001 he moved to Buenos Aires and became shareholder of Banco Privado and started the credit card business and became CEO in 2006, by 2009 Banco Privado became the largest premium credit card issuer in Argentina.

in 2006 he co-founded Dineromail, that became a leading Internet payment platform that now has offices in Mexico, Brasil; Chile and Argentina.Naspers and IFC (World Bank) are now investors of Dineromail.

He is an active skydiver who took part of the 1996 world record attempt in Rusia (297 way) and enjoys surfing, kite surfing and skiing.He is also a YPO member since 2008.


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