Update: See You at TechTalk 2015!

Hi everyone!

This year we have decided, after much deliberation, that we will not do a 2014 Menorca TechTalk. Instead we will have smaller groups of friends in Tech over for various weekends throughout the summer.

We will host Menorca TechTalk in late June 2015. Looking forward!

Martin & Nina

Highlights from last summer: Maria Fanjul

At the end of a Menorcan day

Martin and Nina have done some fantastic renovations to their Menorcan finca in the past few years.

For example, take a look at some of the awesome lodging options available to TechTalk guests!




One TechTalk guest’s journey to the farm

Great video created by entrepreneur Josep Amorós on his experience at the TechTalk. Thanks for sharing!

Photos by host Martin Varsavsky

Created with flickr slideshow.